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The newest title from the man who changed the face of charity in the UK:

Michael Norton's


A Better World at Your Fingertips


After his bestselling book 365 Ways to Change the World was published to wide acclaim, Michael Norton is back with more inspiring ways to help you help others. 

Click2Change is a list of 52 world-changing
actions that can be done
from the comfort of your own computer.
Ideal for anyone from the uber-lazy to the uber-busy, Click2Change includes a variety of actions, like donating hair to chemotherapy patients, providing small loans to developing entrepreneurs and being an online mentor.

All you need is an internet connection.

Praise for Norton's previous book, 365 Ways to Change the World:

“The ultimate answer for anyone who has ever asked 'how can I make a difference?', this ingenious handbook shows how the smallest actions can impact on your local community and the wider world... I can't think of another person who could dream up so many ideas – it's a great antidote to the cynicism of the chattering classes.” – The Who Cares? Trust

“He's a one-man 'ideas factory' whose new book suggests some whacky ways in which, with a little bit of effort, people really can change the world for the better.” – The Guardian

"If you want to make a difference then I can do no better than to recommend this book." – The Daily Telegraph

"By far the most enticing and informative book...I finally stopped being a cynic." – The Daily Mail

"Life-improving...a sound manual." – The Evening Standard

"An idea generating machine, and with one dip into the book you will find yourself motivated to make responsible educated changes to your own life...and to the world." – Life Peak Magazine

"Most inspiring, and the range of information on offer is outstanding." – Publishing News (Selected Superlead Top Title)

“We can be optimists and still take responsibility; we can retain our sense of humour and still be empowered. It's perfect book either to read on your own or with your children to inspire social activism for the whole family.” – Vitality Magazine

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ISBN: 9781873262801
128 pages, paperback, published July 2012
Published by Turnaround Books

Michael Norton is hailed as an eco hero who helped change the face of UK charity.

He founded the Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action and Directory of Social Change, as well as many other social charities. 

He has written multiple books on everyday ways to help others.

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